Builders in Bude, Cornwall

Straw bale buildings

Straw bale builds offer an alternative to conventional construction with straw providing distinct advantages with regards to heat and sound insulation. We have been running straw bale projects since the late 90’s mostly for the Yarner Trust, in Welcombe, Devon, but also individual projects for clients.

HWH Construction Strawbale

Strawbale Building

HWH Construction Strawbale

Here a concrete pad and blockwork plinth was used as the base for the build. There are alternatives that can be used, some are greener than others. The plinth on this job was faced with stonework with a slate capping.

Baseplate with hazel rods ready for the first course of bales

HWH Construction Strawbale

In go the Bales. Hazel rods are driven in to hold the bales in place.

Roof laid out on baseplate

Under eaves detail

Reclaimed rolltop ridge tiles to match the main roof

North Cornwall Strawbale Building

The completed strawbale workshop.

Strawbale Barn at Welcombe

Strawbale Barn Studio Space

Lime Render Course for Yarner Trust