Builders in Bude, Cornwall

Welcombe Yoga Studio

Traditional materials to convert old hay barn into yoga studio.

The brief for this job required no cement products and limited modern materials to be used. Of course there had to be compromises in some areas, but overall this was achieved. It was a great job to work on. The finished Barn has a lovely feel and character.

Here most of the structure is complete. The walls are a mixture of natural local stone and cob. We mixed our own cob for repairs and also ended up remixing parts we had taken down to form a new gable, hard work but very satisfying.

Cob blocks were bought in for the majority of the rebuilding we did make a few batches of our own more for fun than anything. The main advantage of buying in is that the cob is cured and ready for render. Lime mortar is used for bedding the cob blocks. Notice the top row of blocks ready for the new wall plates.

Reclaimed and cleaned Delabole rag slates going back on. The client spent many hours cleaning and sorting these as they had been tarred many times over the years. This fate has befallen many slate roofs in this area, but as you can see with effort it is possible to clean them up.

Breaking through for a new internal doorway.

One of the early jobs was to rebuild the south wall as it had gone too far to be repaired. Stone work was used up to lintel height and cob blocks above that.

Filling in between the rafter ends with cob.

Cob internal gable half way up notice the separate lifts of cob as they have been laid, if you look carefully at an old cob building you can see this too.

Stone meets cob meets cob block.

Harled first coat of lime render going on this is to consolidate the walls and provide a good key for the following coats.

Final touches to the paintwork breathable mineral paints used internally lime wash to the outside.

Top coat of lime render going on.

Evening sun picking out the colours in the slate.

The finished new yoga space, with a mezzanine sleeping area above.

Velfac Aluminium faced wooden windows and doors were used. We had come across them on a previous, job they fit in nicely with the building and have the benefit of the efficiency and engineering of a plastic door without the maintenance issues of wooden ones.

One of the other compromises we made to modern materials was to use plasterboard on the ceilings, we looked into all sorts of eco style alternative but found nothing that was as cost effective and would give us the finish we were looking for.